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aReW recordings presents [RW-072] Bedawang/Marax Split

Introducing the Bedawang/Marax split album. Tracks 1-5 performed by Bedawang. Tracks 6-7 performed by Marax.

Marax began in the summer of 1998 and after a year of experimenting with sounds, field recordings and manipulated electronics, had accumulated enough material for a release, which became the " Feel Free..." release. Over the years the transition of Marax's sound has been varied, ranging from Harsh Electronics to Dark Ambient; Power Electronics to Lo-Fi and continuing to flow between styles from release to release.

Bedawang has been playing music since early childhood, while experimenting with various instruments and genres, but it was not until recently - after being stuck in a creative rut for a couple of years - that he decided to offer the music that pleasures him most while composing it, to the listener. genres: experimental, ambient noise, harsh noise, drone, soundscapes.


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